What are a doula's interactions with medical staff like?

A doula can help advocate for you to medical staff and ensure complete informed consent throughout the process. A doula is also helpful for setting the tone of respect. Nurses and doctors have many birthing people they are serving, but a doula is completely present only for you.

How do I pay for a doula?

Some insurances do cover a doula so you could try reaching out to them. It may be a good idea to add a doula to your registry to see if some people want to pitch in for the cost as well. 

I fully believe that financials should not be a deterrent to receiving to true birthing support, so please reach out to me so we can discuss a sliding scale option and/ or resources. 

My partner will be there during my birth, should I still use a doula?

Doulas don’t replace your partner. Part of what a doula does is to make it easier on your partner as well so they can take breaks and be more present in how they know how to best support you. We are part of your team in a similar way as a midwife, nurse, or doctor would be. It takes a village.

What does overnight support look like?

Support varies based on the hours. I can provide emotional support and same service upon arrival and/ or before I leave but during the hours of the night I will stay in the bedroom with baby and sleep while they sleep and wake when they wake to care for them. I find it unproductive to stay awake through the entirety of the night because I need to care for myself to show up for my clients through the day as well as care for your quiet hours. Imagine me making noise doing dishes at 3AM when you are trying to sleep as well and me waking you up... Not the move. We can talk further about this if you are interested in overnight support, just let me know!

What do we do in prenatal meetings?

There are some things that I want to go over like your birth preferences, different positions you feel comfortable with, your boundaries... Primarily it's for us to build rapport and take some space to ensure your needs are met - and that can look very different from client to client so it's hard to say what each meeting will look like!

What is your refund policy?

Follow this link here!