Fuel Prep

All bodies need to be cared for and food is a way to show love, feel love, and give love. In this time of postpartum it is a family's time to connect with baby and reconnect back with this new version of themselves. I've been cooking and eating plant based for over 6 years. I would love to support you by creating some nutrient dense meals for you to consume so you can focus more on yourself and baby rather than cooking.

*Please let me know of any other dietary restrictions to help maintain your safety.*

If there is something you'd like that you don't see here please let me know and I can try to accommodate. 

I believe in creating as little waste as possible so I package in reusable glass and sturdy ware. You can of course keep the vessels that your fuel comes in or we can arrange a time for me to pick them back up and I'll refund you a portion based on how far you live and how much was returned to me. 

Oat Mylk

Liquids are a wonderful way to ease back into consuming foods again. My homemade oat mylk is good warm or cold. Can get with subtle spices and/or cacao for extra flavor and nutrients.


Juices are easy on the stomach and packed with so many nutrients in a liquid form. Let me know if you prefer sweet fruits or dense greens and I can create something delicious and good for the body and soul. Juices are a great way to pack in some fiber to help get things moving easier!


Fresh homemade vegetable broth.

Liquid Bundle

Mix and match any five 12-oz liquids together and save $5.

Breakfast Tacos

I can throw together some veggie breakfast tacos. I can pack the filling and tortillas separate so you can re-heat as needed.
*The egg I use is Just Egg but can take out if desired.

Overnight Oats

Personally, I like my oats packed with nuts, fruits, and other goods - so that's how I make them!

Smoothie Cubes

I will create frozen cubes packed with fruits, veggies, seeds, and powders to ensure ultimate nutrients and YUM in a smoothie so all you do is add mylk to the blender with the cubes and you have an easy breakfast.


There's really nothing like a warm bowl of vegetables, tofu, coconut milk, and beautiful spices.

Cheezy Broccoli and Rice Casserole

Nothing says postpartum like a good solid casserole. With a homemade cheeze sauce and brown rice.


Fiber fiber fiber!! Warm foods like this not only nourish your body but feed your soul as well.

Six Blueberry Muffins

Could be a breakfast food or could be an any-time-of-the-day food.

Date Energy Balls

Things you can eat with one hand are perfect for when you're feeding baby with the other hand. People who body feed burn on average 500 extra calories so keeping snacks handy is key! Whether you feed from your body or not, snacks are KEY!