Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation has many anecdotal benefits when consuming it. If you purchase any placenta services, if I have access to the cord, I will always dehydrate it and send it back in the shape of a heart for you as a keepsake. 

*If you book any birth package you get $20 off placenta services (excluding the PWYC option).

Pay What You Can placenta pills option:

I aim to have my services accessible to all. I continue to alter my practice and offerings to provide the best care possible. I charge a base of $50 for all encapsulation services to cover the cost of materials to encapsulate, beyond that I leave it open for you to pay what you are able to. This offering is for the encapsulation of placenta pills only, but you are still able to add on any of the extra items as you wish at their own price. 

If you are able to pay the full price of placenta encapsulation of $250 then I ask that you please do that to help keep this offering sustainable for those who may not be able to afford it otherwise.  

Add-ons could include:

-1oz Tincture ($15)

-4oz Tincture ($40)

-Tree of Life print ($30)

-Mother’s broth ($10)

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Many people who consume their placenta anecdotally report feeling more balanced and having more energy and less sadness than after prior pregnancies where they did not consume their placentas. While the studies are poor defining exactly which hormones are involved with perinatal mood disorders, placenta contains a number of hormones (and other nutrients) that may play a role. Lactating people that choose to take placenta pills report that they feel more confident that they have enough milk for their baby. Some report that their milk came in more quickly than expected as well.
You have the option to add additional herbs to your pills that are said to help with mood stabilization and milk production.


Tinctures are a wonderful way to extend the benefits of the placenta beyond the few weeks of taking pills. If stored properly, tinctures can last a lifetime! *Tinctures are alcohol based.

Tree of Life Print

Tree of Life prints are a fun way to see the design of the veins that kept your baby growing! I do the initial print with the blood from the placenta as a stamp ink as to not contampinate the placenta with unnatural dyes.

*This is an option for inedible placentas as well*

Mother's Broth

Doula Roots offers a nutrient-dense placenta broth, which is a natural by-product of the steaming process. While it is mostly water, it contains essence of the placenta (especially hormones and iron). It also contains Traditional Chinese Medicine “warming” herbs.
This valuable liquid is saved because it has been proven to be useful by many birthing people postpartum. Tip: freeze this into an ice cube tray to preserve and reap the benefits once placenta pills have all been consumed.

Cord Keepsakes

The umbilical cord is dehydrated in a shape, depending on the length, typically a heart to keep as a reminder. Can be made into an ornament, put in a scrapbook, or hidden away to treasure on your own. This is a way to remember the piece that kept your baby alive and fed throughout pregnancy.

*This is an option for inedible placentas as well*