Hello, I'm Sarah!

Sarah (she/her) is a certified Full Spectrum Birth Worker who identifies as a white, queer, cisgender woman. Sarah’s practice is rooted in reproductive justice, informed consent, anti-racism, gender affirming care, and showing up for clients in ways they feel most supported. Sarah practices holistic, evidence-based care. She believes the birth of a child, and rebirth of humans in the transition to becoming a parent, are sacred and beautiful experiences. Knowing birth is strenuous on the physical body as well as requiring an immense amount of mental strength, Sarah brings in knowledge from regulating your central nervous system and body movement while still focusing on mind-body-soul-connection. Having a strong support to provide knowledge, hold space, and honor the process is key, and what Sarah loves most about birth work. Sarah is also passionate about the postpartum period to help families navigate the transitions of a new parental identity, caring for themselves, and setting up realistic expectations for what the future will bring. Sarah comes into the birthing space with no bias, and is fully present for whatever the family wishes during this process. 
Sarah's path to becoming a doula started when she was in her undergraduate program studying social work, psychology, and women & gender studies. Sarah received her Master’s degree in Social Work where she focused her studies on perinatal mental health and mood disorders. Outside of her professional roles Sarah enjoys rock climbing, reading, crocheting, moving her body, connecting with people, and traveling with her partner and pups. She looks forward to working in community with you!


Trainings & Certifications

I received my Full Spectrum Doula Certification from DTI, this includes birth, postpartum, and reproductive justice. This training went over practical skills, diversity, and so much more.

  • Gemstone: Homebirth For Doulas

  • ​Fetal Positioning: A conversation between the gestational carrier and baby.

  • I'm starting my Childbirth Education Facilitator's training in August.

I received my Placenta Encapsulator Certification from BEST Doula. A majority of Encapsulators have their Bloodborne Pathogen and food handler's cert. but are not actually certified in the practice. While I don't believe having a certification is always necessary for certain practices, this is something I am very grateful for doing.