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Full support through your reproductive journey.

Welcome! I'm here to support birthing people and their family with their individualized needs to ensure they feel heard, valid, and supported through the entire process.

Now accepting clients with Spring and Summer estimated due dates.


Sarah was a blessing in the months leading up to my labor, during, and afterwards in the postpartum period. She was crucial in validating the many moods of my pregnancy journey. Sarah was my advocate during my child’s birth at the hospital with the nurses and doctor. Most importantly, Sarah remembered my birth preferences and encouraged me to take steps towards my own goals when labor became increasingly challenging. She helped me stay the course by providing resources other than epidural during my 13 hour labor into a vaginal birth. She was also an important resource for my husband by aiding in normalizing the process of labor. I could not imagine my experience going any other way than it did. I am grateful to Sarah for getting us through to the other side with my beautiful son now in my arms.

Rebecca R. - Birth & postpartum client


Sarah was always there to listen and give us advice when needed, but what helped us more was that she helped us feel confident and supported... Sarah helped us not to drown or be overwhelmed.

Virginia C. - Birth & postpartum client


Sarah came last night and was absolutely wonderful with out baby boy! Sarah has a super calming energy and I felt super comfortable from the jump. I came and switched placed with them before Sarah left and I've never seen [baby boy] sleeping so peacefully! Thank you thank you thank you!

Liz D. - Postpartum client



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